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11. Family Asset Protection Trust – Married Couple Bundle




Family Asset Protection Trust – Married Couple Total Bundle Price £7,500

The proven way to safeguard assets for you and your family’s future.

  • Keep control of your most valuable assets
  • Protect your property for the benefit of your loved ones
  • Protect your assets from bankruptcy, creditors and strangers
  • Save on Inheritance Tax for future generations
  • Use a product with a proven pedigree dating back centuries
  • Preserve your wealth for your family
  • Save on Probate Costs
  • Assets stay in the Bloodline through the generations
  • Remarriage – Sideways Disinheritance No longer an issue

The following items are Included in this bundle

Package No. 2 – Mirror Wills

Package No. 7 – Lasting Power of Attorneys for both

Package No. 10 – Letter of Wishes